Thursday, January 28, 2010

thrifty victorian

this look seems to reference victorian style for me. mainly because of the tights and shoes, as well as the purple dress she is wearing, but maybe it also has to do with her stiff posture... but maybe that's because a complete stranger smelling of old coffee asked to take her picture

here's a detail of her shoes and tights

stoic rocker?

Monday, January 25, 2010

stoic in fleece

has fleece ever look this good?
here's a closer look...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

nice tuque!

i love when hats are worn with some extra material at top-

it looks like something that the love child of Donald from Fat Albert and Smurfette would wear.

(assuming of course that Donnie Darko's theory that smurfs are asexual is incorrect)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

green hoodie

hey look another american apparel hoodie!
Its fascinating how the same hoodie can fit well on both men and women- I swear there is a guy in my class who wears the same shirt and possibly same jeans as i do... twins?! ... i should look into getting a DNA test.


the grey American apparel hoodie has become the new black on black for art students.



Flashin' the watch... whatcha doin' bouyee? this aint no Tommy Hilfiger ad!
...sometimes I get all Eddy-Murphy-as-a-fat-black-women- only sometimes.


Hi everyone- currently the Emily Carr server is down and has taken my photos with it (grrrrr). But fear not, once the server snaps out of it I will post a bucket full of photos to compensate.
-I swear on my first born child!

Monday, January 18, 2010

the many faces of kathy

*Note: her numerous expressions were caused by my gooferkins of an assistant who was trying to relax her for the photo shoot... any guess as to what he was saying?

Friday, January 15, 2010

smoking diptych

I end my first week slash theme with a couple photos and infos....
Aside from being a non smoker I have been drawn to photograph people when they smoke- to try to figure that out i looked into what smoking evokes:
Over the hundreds of years smoking has become associated with a persona of the lone cowboy (thanks Marlboro) being lost in thought or contemplation, independence and sexuality. What got its boom with the creation of the new middle class has now become a symbol for lawyers and bohemians a like.

But that doesn’t really answer why i am so drawn to photographing smokers - at times (especially during my beige-tastic summer job at an insurance company) I find myself jealous of smokers- the romantic act of stepping outside for fresh air (no matter the weather) to take a quiet moment to yourself. It acts as an excuse for being outside in such awful whether- or for even being alone.

oh to be a pipe smoking bohemian smoking/swimming against the current towards an art school education... but for now ill stick to my favorite drug of all.... the jittery headache inducing latte!

smoking couple

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

smoking in the sun

Continuing the smoking trend this week with this photo taken in the fall.

As I said yesterday I have many photos of people smoking in my collection. As I looked closer I realized that all of the smokers in my photos were women - this is very interesting because that up until the early 20th century women who smoked in public were seeing as promiscuous, the act was even associated with prostitution. The act of women smoking in public was frowned upon greatly. Women were not seen as being graceful or proper if they smoked in public.
Compare that today- my friend here is smoking at the front of Emily Carr -a very public place- yet one would hardly criticize her of appearing improper or ungraceful.

Ill look more into the psychology of smoking and style on Friday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

smoking out front

i'm continuing on a smoking trend with my photos. a teacher noticed last semester that i photographed a lot of people smoking - especially women (which used to be taboo- more tomorrow). i think the reason for smokers appearing in my photographs so often is that when they are out side (they are in good light), relaxed, and being active (if you can call smoking active).
more tomorrow on the social changes of smoking, and how it affects ones personal style

black smoke

detail of tights

under eye circles

"Under eye circles are my thing"