Friday, February 12, 2010

To Mr. McQueen

As many of you will know, Alexander McQueen passed away yesterday morning.
This has been quite a shock for the fashion world. It has also caused me sadness and concern over the future of the fashion industry. Alexander McQueen was one of the last designers who worked on an artistic level. He didn't produce shows for consumers. However over the past years the fashion industry has pushed towards clothing lines which are meant for mass production, and there has been a movement away from couture and other artistic lines.
I hope Alexander McQueen's death draws attention to the mechanization of the industry, and the loss of passion, love, fantasy, theater, craftsmanship and above all art which he so loved to use in his shows.

This dress which i show above (without a wearer) is made to expand and contract based on the air in the room. It is quite grand and very well made. It is a work of art.
I hope that this designer, and many others continue to push the industry back to its artistic roots. Do not let Alexander's work be forgotten.

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